Drop Pasta Not Bombs


is a destination for delicious, thoughtfully crafted pasta.



Our case contains a variety of house made fresh pasta. Each of our pasta shapes are either freshly extruded or handmade. Each has its own recommend cook times and our staff is there to answer any questions and suggestions. We also offer a rotating selection of pasta dishes, featuring traditional and/or seasonal ingredients, cooked to order. Savor a bowl of pasta in one of our 14 seats or have it to go.



We curate products for our shelves based upon what we like, what we cook with, and more importantly items we feel connected to. Check back for new additions. Here are some of our favorite producers, farms, and purveyors: Brooklyn Roasting Company - Casella Salumi - Anna Maria’s Foods - Hudson Valley Harvest - Mangalitsa by Mosefund - Fazio Farms - Tivoli Mushrooms - Hudson Valley Fresh - etc.


our mission

We source ingredients from farmers we know, rely on quality purveyors and trusted producers.

We support other small businesses and entrepreneurs to foster significant and lasting relationships within our community.

We strive to bring quality and locality together.


WE ♥ nyack

When the opportunity came to open our own pasta shop, we were overjoyed. Establishing DPNB Pasta & Provisions in Nyack is not only fulfilling a lifelong dream for us, but a homecoming. After many years traveling and honing our skills, we bring our passion of pasta and hospitality to a community we have always called home.